The RogueWare Project

"Game Recklessly"

1. Be Constructive

We can handle criticism fine, but the purpose of this community is to cultivate better games.  All we ask is that you keep that in mind when commenting on the blog or posting in the forum.  That said, we welcome any and all feedback so don't be shy.

2. Don't Troll

This sort of goes without saying.  And I don't expect it to become a problem for a long time.  However, Chris and I are allowed to publically troll eachother as much as we like.  

3. There is no RogueWare

At this time we are in stealth mode.  We have many ideas and a few protoypes (I use this word generously), but at the moment no finished products to call our own.  At least until we have our first production quality game ready to blow the minds of many a gamer around the world, this will be our home.  That said, feel free to invite any friends you think might want to get involved.  We want and need to grow this community, and members should have a hand in that.  

4. Profiles

You HAVE registered haven't you?

Keep usernames PG/PG-13.  If you have to ask if a name is okay, just try something else.  Other than that, go for it.  I don't expect anyone else to use their real names other than myself and Chris.  Also, don't forget to upload an avatar!  And don't make me repeat myself on what's appropriate there.

Lastly, fill out your profile and introduce yourself in the forums!