The RogueWare Project

"Game Recklessly"

The Rogue Review

As a way to communicate our own game-minds to our fellow rogues, we'll be posting our personal reviews of both recent and old games that we believe deserve the spotlight to have its praises sung or its foibles exposed.  We are writing these reviews as an exercise, since it is game-playing  for the last 2 decades that has informed all of our philosophies about game design.  We will show how we perceive and breakdown games you too might have enjoyed or loathed.  

Scores are broken into 5 categories 

Graphics - For us, graphics are less about how expensive and pretty they look then the overall feeling and atmosphere they provide the player.

Sound/Music - We're of the firm belief that a good soundtrack can make good game great and an awful game passable.

Gameplay - Game mechanics, play by play, fun factor.

RogueScore - How Rogue is it?  Is it replayable?  With fresh randomly generated experiences each new game?  DOES DEATH MATTER?  The more yes, the higher this score will be.

Final Score - Overall score for the game, not necessarily the sum of a reviews parts.  These reviews are left up to our own personal discretion.