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Basic Classes & Skills

A note on Classes:  You choose a class at the start of the game for your main character but your partners, Lydia and Gaius, begin the game as classless Farmhands.  If you want to pursue a specific class with your these characters, focus your actions on that class's specialty action type. After enough actions have been taken, you will get the option of attaining one of two classes.  This choice is based on which action types Lydia or Gaius spent the majority of their time on.  For example: Gaius spent most of the 1st year planting and watering crops (Agriculture) as well as hunting and gathering wood (Survival).  So he's offered a choice of either the Gardener or Ranger class.  Whereas Lydia spent most of the 1st year gathering herbs (Magic) and crafting clothes for you and Gaius (Construction), so she will be offered the Initiate and Artisan class.  Upon reaching level 1 in a class the player will choose one of three basic skills for that class, with each basic skill being upgradeable at later levels. Skills provide a plethora of advantages to complement your strategy, granting passive bonuses, combat abilities, or new actions for that character.

Each class specializes in one type of action. For example:  the Ranger specializes in Survival actions.  Rangers can perform one extra minor action of the Survival type each month, for example hunting, fishing, chopping firewood, etc.  They can also use this minor action as part of a survival major action, for example Survey. They will also have +5 to roll for all Survival actions per level, as most rolls in FreeHolder are D100, this is essentially a 5% better chance of success. 

In the following class guide, skills enclosed in braces { } are slated to be implemented soon but are not yet functional.

Ranger - Survivalist Extraordinaire (Survival)

A productive hunter and scout, you can count on the Ranger to provide food and hides in a pinch. 

Main Character Starting Bonus: +100m Wood

Basic Skills:

Tracking - When hunting, you take the best of two rolls instead of one, though the second roll is made at a penalty.

Foraging - When Surveying, return with a small quantity of wild food from the plot.  The food found depends on the type of terrain.

Forester - Unlock the Clear Cut and Reforestation major action. This allows you to process lumber at a much higher rate.


Gardener - The Green Thumb (Agriculture)

Good efficient use of land can mean the difference between just scraping by with enough to sustain your own lives or true prosperity.  The Gardener makes living off the land a whole lot easier.

Main Character Starting Bonus: +60m Beans

Basic Skills:

Speedreaper - Your first harvest action each month is a minor action instead of a major action.

Threshing - All wheat can be planted for free.

Mulching - Unlock the Mulch minor action.  When added to a planted field, the mulch will reduce weather, drought, and frost damage by 50%.


Rancher - Goat Whisperer (Husbandry)

Far more versatile then a mere shepherd, Ranchers are capable of processing animal products into higher quality perish-resistant foods like aged cheese, tanning hides to leather, or spinning wool into cloth.

Main Character Starting Bonus: +1 Pasture and Goat

Basic Skills:

Calming Presence - When tending animals, cheese and wool output is increased by 33%.

{Special Diet - Animals can be handfed twice in one turn, allowing faster growth, and produce 1m additional fertilizer when this is done.}

Homesteader - +33% out boost to all goods processing actions except ore smelting, provided enough materials are available.


Artisan - Craftmaster (Construction)

Need room for more characters at your villa?  The Artisan can add additional rooms, turn those spare hides into heavy furs to survive the cold winter, or craft masterpieces from stone or marble and sell to patrons.  

Main Character Starting Bonus: +40m Stone

Basic Skills:

Excavation - Can build Stone Pits at a discount, and stone is gathered at twice the rate.  Also unlocks the Quarry improvement.

Sculptor's Touch - Unlock the ability to craft art objects from various raw materials.  These can be sold or ocassionally used by magical characters in certain rituals.

Guildcraft - Small bonus to all crafting rolls, and unlocks critical rolls to craft items in less time.


Initiate - Divine Intervention (Magic)

Experts at gathering medicinal herbs and using them to cast enchantments and predict weather. Initiates are the ultimate support Class, and have 3 schools of magic to work from.

Main Character Starting Bonus:  +2 Mandragora

Basic Skills:

Weatherlore - Learn about weather events before they happen, up to 3 months ahead of time.

Cleromancy - +5% global action roll bonus.

Secret God Names - In Combat the Initiate can perform a magic ranged attack each round which has a chance of inflicting stumbling, stunning, bleeding, or hemmorhage to one enemy based on tactics.

Herbalist - 2x Herbs are harvested, and there is an increased chance to find rare or multiple herbs.

Cleansing Rites- +15% to Resist Disease, Improves Disease rolls, half pestilence effect.

Blessing - Character below Good health gain one health level at month's end as long as they are not wounded or diseased.


Warrior - The Enforcer (Combat)

Tired of paying off local toughs just to get your goods to market?  Well don't stand for it!  Clear the road yourself!  Warriors are stalwart protectors of the farm and keep roads clear so you can get to towns where you can trade, find quests and hire temporary laborers.

Main Character Starting Bonus: Fighter Equipment Set

Basic Skills:

Finishing Strike - Downed enemies will be finished with a follow-up blow, preventing recovery and damaging enemy morale.

Tough - Being wounded no longer hurts your combat rolls, and you recover from wounds more speedily.

Apprentice Smith - Unlock new weapon and armor blueprints and combat equipment crafting can be done with a Combat action.


Agent - Wheeler 'n Dealer (Espionage)

Brute force isn't always neccessary with the Agent.  Agents can keep you informed on what's in demand and available at blocked towns, open black markets, and even help you smuggle goods around blockaded roads.

Main Character Starting Bonus: +1 Pasture and Mule

Basic Skills:

Thiefcraft - Create a small selection of useful trinkets for espionage in your Workshop.  Can use Espionage action points to craft these items.

Sticky Fingers - Chance to receive money and food during Espionage actions and Quests.

{Opportunist - You receive double the usual bonus to hit for flanking and stealth attacks.}