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Matt Crooks
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I'll be fleshing out my personal history with games in a blog entry this month, but in the meantime I want to encourage new Rogues to introduce themselves to the community in this thread.

Try to answer questions like:

What brings you here?  Do you want to learn how to design your own games?  Have you any game art/coding/design experience?  Or maybe you just really like playing them?  What did you grow up playing?  How about your fondest gaming memories or nightmares?  

These are just suggestions of course.  Overtime, as we gain members of varying skills and interests, this site will naturally become a resource for other new game developers (I hope).  Chris and I will do our best to lead discussions and share useful information as we learn the trade ourselves.


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I used to play Heroes Unlimited RPG with Chris back in the day, and I've been playing computer games since Mario Brothers and Final Fantasy on the NES. FF was better.

Picking my top three games of all time was tough- there have been quite a few. I would argue that games of all kinds have value beyond play as I know for certain that the first time I learned to use a graphing calculator or do math with large numbers was when designing imaginary giant robots out of the Heroes Unlimited RPG book.

I'm currently working on making my own "pen and paper" RPG, and I'm very interested in games that require the use of our minds and trick us into learning and becoming better than we were. I'm also profoundly supportive of anybody taking on the huge task of going indie and making their vision come true.

Game on!


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