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Breaking News: Partial Funding Secured!

Posted by Chris Crooks on February 24, 2014 at 11:10 AM

Hello to one and all! Sorry about the lack of updates to the site but it has been in service of the cause: Matt and I have been engaged this new year in scaring up investment capital, and we have landed some of what we need, and we are anticipating an additional dose of funding in the future. As such, we are gearing up to go into full production mode on FreeHolder, digging in with Unity and building a truly slick game engine. Since we have funding for approximately 3 months of production at this point, our goal is to have the entire prototype rebuilt, minus some art assets, by the end of this time, and we should have an alpha or near-alpha to get any additional funding we might need, since it should be mostly a question of getting the media assets incorporated into the game at that point, plus scads of playtesting, debugging and tweaking.

We are doing a revamping of some core FreeHolder gameplay conventions. Having had some time to step away from FreeHolder the game and focus on the business side of things, I've come back rejuvenated and devised a myriad of tweaks that should increase ease of learning and play, including a centralized market, black market and tavern instead of each town having their own, using a hex-based tile system (and changing the way that Survey works as a result, more on that later), and a simplifying of the resource system - we're doing away with modius in favor of simply abstract units, which will be represented as tokens, like 1 Wheat or 2 Stone. Bulk resources still require shipping (and will probably have a different shape to the token to indicate this), but other than that there are now simply "goods" and "items" (equippable that is). Isn't that difference so perfectly clear? Isn't English grand?

I've been obsessively playing board games on iPad and these digital adaptations have given me more or less the basic interface scheme for FreeHolder, which will seem more like a board game, albeit an animated one, with you dragging and dropping tokens onto tiles and so forth, also making adapting the game to tablet a much smoother affair. No more clunky lists of menus, and we'll also try to iconize everything as clearly as possible, but have in-depth information available just under the surface.

Stay tuned - now that we're in full production mode our community-building project must be ressurected and sustained so expect updates and extra content as part of this effort. Thank you all for your support and ideas, o my rogues. We may be only a few short months from something truly remarkable crystalizing out of this two-year journey. And remember....

Live Carefully. Game Recklessly.

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