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The Cade of Cades: The Game of Games

Posted by Chris Crooks on September 30, 2013 at 4:00 PM

The day fast approacheth, oh my Rogues, wherein your two humble representatives to the game-mind-space will sally forth on that first step of a hundred-mile journey to wedge our soft leather sneak-shoes into the door of industry. Yea, verily, though the path be fraught with difficulty, we are confident that the people we meet will be astonished and stupified by our knowledge, enthusiasm, and bevy of awesome game ideas of which FreeHolder is only the tip of the iceberg. Indiecade is but 3 sun-cycles into the future, and we will be passing out our business cards as if they were manna for the hungry. And hungry they are, o my brethren, for new ideas and new perspectives. Amidst the furious accolades, however, we are seeking to accomplish a number of specific goals, which I will throw out to the universe right now. 

1) Artists. Ideally, we will find some ultra-talented but relatively unknown person who will be so excited by the idea of making art for as many of our games as possible that we can get a true full-time art director on the payroll (which consists purely of sweat-equity at this early stage). Barring that, however, we will hopefully have a stack of art contractor business cards a mile high from which to choose to fulfill our art needs on a case-by-case basis. Without great art, our vision will remain somewhat incomplete, or less than what it could (should!) be.

2) Investors. The investors that are likely to dig on our game are investors that are also gamers, and possibly veterans of the industry itself. Pure-capital type investors are probably not going to see huge profit in a game like this because they don't have the fine understanding of game mechanics that will get real gamers totally excited about this kind of project. I contend, however, that many terrible games are made, and many terrible games make money. None of our games will be terrible. Therefore, I see getting investment money as a matter of time and effort, a question of when rather than if. Our current lack of notoriety makes a kickstarter campaign DOA at this point, so we need to sell our vision to one or two people with money in their pockets and a song in their hearts, preferably the victory music from Final Fantasy. :)

3) Get every possible scrap of info and possible contacts for the Ouya indie console. It is almost the ideal platform for most of our early old-school looking projects and the idea of releasing a game onto a truly new type of console has so much resonance for Matt and I that we cannot resist it. Furthermore, developing on the Ouya requires merely that one purchase it, and that one provide a demo and keep the price to $20 or under. In other words, the Ouya is using our own model as theirs. Synchronicity!

There are a number of other, slightly less critical things that we would like to do, but the number one thing is: we must keep our eyes and ears wide, wide open, absorb absolutely everything we can, pay the most attention we've ever paid to anything in our lives. We must live in the zone. It is in the zone that things will happen.

Wish us luck! Many thanks for the support of the community of awesome people that have helped us get this far, and will help us get even further. We'll be updating after the event with information aplenty, so fingers crossed and eyes peeled. And remember, folks:

Game Recklessly.

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Reply 12_Foot_Robot
3:11 AM on October 1, 2013 
Yeah! Get it!! How much money are you trying to raise?
Reply Matt Crooks
1:32 PM on October 1, 2013 
12_Foot_Robot says...
Yeah! Get it!! How much money are you trying to raise?

At this stage I'm just wondenrig how much we can get! We want to remain... flexible. :)