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4/21: New Build, New Systems

Posted by Chris Crooks on April 21, 2013 at 6:15 PM

Hey everyone,

Wanted to announce a new developer's build going up today, with a number of key new systems somewhat implemented. Of particular note is the much-improved magic class, the Initiate. Rather than simply being a useful gatherer of medicines, the new Initiate-only action called Enchantment is now available. For a cost of one rare, uncommon, and common reagent you can attempt to enchant a plot with a myriad of useful but temporary effects, Currently available are:

Dreamscape - Adds an extra gather point to a plot. 

Secret Upwelling - Farmland or Sapling plots will be automatically watered each turn.

Familiar Spirit - Enchant a plot to provide a small amount of basic resources automatically each turn.

Wintersun - Ward your villa against cold, negating the need for wood during the winter.

Remember you can only gather rare reagents from the appropriate terrain type during its favored season. Also, you can start your main as an Initiate and choose your starting skill from a small randomized list. 

Additionally,  the basic espionage actions, Gather Info and Smuggle Goods, are up and functioning. although there are some button toggling issues when smuggling goods at the market. Gather Info lets you examine the Market and Forum at a blocked town, as well as revealing if any day labor quests are available, and your knowledge of the town will decay over time rather than last one turn. Critical rolls double the length your information network lasts.

Smuggling goods allows you to sell goods at a blocked town market,hopefully at a substantial black market bonus. There is a risk of getting wounded if it fails, though, and wounds prevent you from working at all until you're healed. The ability to add mules to smuggle more is not functioning yet, although I doubt anyone has made much use of mules yet. 

Also the Forums at each town are enabled and have a bit of functionality. There are some visibility toggle issues but a town will spawn with permanent residents based on its size, and those residents can be talked to to get a variety of tips about the game. Resident quests and trading are still non-functional. Visitors will also appear and leave various towns from time to time, and similarly they can be talked to but that's about it at the moment.

There's a new resource list that shows what you have as icons, only spawning new icons when you collect that resource type. There are a huge number of icons that still need to be created, and what we have so far is mostly to the credit of Club Sauce, a Rogue who has stepped up to contribute some sorely needed initial artwork to our demo. We our much in his debt,  as we are to Thundercliese, who has more or less been our head playtester for the last several weeks, contributing detailed notes on a number of bugs that we need to squash. Props to him as well.

There's plenty more features, but you'll just have to take a look for yourself, or wait for an official release. I just want to remind everyone that this is a development build, and there are no guarantees about the level of playability of this is more or even the same as the previous build. I mean, I can guarantee it with this build, but dev builds are code snapshots that are generally unplaytested, so player beware. Next on the dock, hopefully tomorrow - I'll let you start saving the game. :) I will upload build with saving as soon as I have it, and it works.

Thanks to everyone for your support, enthusiasm, and contributions. We are making something truly amazing here. Enjoy the build!


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Reply Thundercliese
4:56 PM on April 22, 2013 
Saving is for the feeble witted.
Reply Matt Crooks
12:41 PM on April 23, 2013 
Thundercliese says...
Saving is for the feeble witted.

Well you know we agree on principle - Permadeath is an essential factor to keeping our game Roguelike. However we want to test out the new saving functionality recently added to Construct 2. People should be able to at least 'Save & Quit' so they can close the browser and come back to their game later.

Any saving and then loading after death will be strictly for a 'casual' mode. Which will be scored separately and at a penalty over the normal mode.