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4/8 - IndieCade, Demo Portal, Not Enough Hours in the Day

Posted by Matt Crooks on April 8, 2013 at 9:50 PM

In order to take our first major step into the industry, we've been looking for ways to get some substantial feedback on our first project, and hopefully some genuine excitement for a finished product.  It just so happens the Sundance of Indie Game Festivals is right here in Los Angeles. IndieCade 2013 is perfect, since they both encourage works in progress and whether or not our game wins any awards or makes the final cut we'll get a chance to meet lots of potential collaborators, talk to press, and maybe find new avenues of funding.  Now the success of all of those things depends squarely on the quality of the game we bring.  Even though we have to submit by May 31st (June 30th, if we late submit), we still get the opportunity to keep updating the game all the way up until show time in early October.  They want to see everyones latest and greatest afterall. 

Speaking of the latest and greatest, Rogues now have access to the FreeHolder prototype!  I spent the last weekend figuring out how to host our prototype on the site.  I finagled a solution using Google Drive, and created a public link.  Now if we ever end up having a whole lot of people trying to play it at the same time, we may need to find a bigger bandwidth solution, but I don't see that becoming a problem anytime soon, and if it does, well frankly that's a probably we'd love to have.  And so you may have noticed on the front page on the top right i've added a link to what i've dubbed the FreeHolder Prototype Demo Portal.

A few things to keep in mind:

-There is no tutorial mode yet.  I'm working on the script for it but it's a ways off.  We're hoping we can get to it by the end of the month.  A wiki wouldn't be a bad way to go, but I'm not certain we're at that stage yet.  There's a lot of balance work that can't be addressed until all the major systems are in place.  So for the time being you may be stumbling through the game.  I'll try to draft up a walk-through in the forums, hopefully this weekend.

-Speaking of systems, we're still missing Combat and Espionage.  We plan to have them finished by the end of the month so we can focus May exclusively on testing, bug squashing, and polishing.

-Feedback is really important.  We want to ecourage everyone to report bugs and feel free to bring up anything about the game in the forums - Questions, comments, complaints, whatever.  It should be useful for new Rogues to see questions they might have already answered.  Besides, I can't make an FAQ until I see what questions most people have about the game!

Chris is currently hard at work fine tuning animals and breeding.  Also adding in some new Rancher skills, like handfeeding, a new minor skill which brings up livestock from 'Normal' to 'Hefty Fine' status in exchange for some tasty grain.  Hefty Fine of course gives more nutrious (and valuable) meat.

We'll have that update for you tomorrow evening!  But there's still a ton of stuff to do in the meantime, so what are you waiting for?  Farm Free or Die!

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