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3/8: Long Overdue Progress Report

Posted by Matt Crooks on March 8, 2013 at 11:15 AM

Sorry for falling off the radar, I had a particularly busy Februrary.  I'm currently in the process of finding new work - I've been working full time for nearly 3 years as a Marketing Specialist, with a 2-3 hour per day commute through downtown LA.  Needless to say this schedule hasn't left me with the wherewithal to aid my hard-working brother who's been doing the heavy lifting for the FreeHolder prototype since we first conceived it. So I'm on a personal quest to find more time for RogueWare and less time wasting gas parked on the 101.

Earlier this year I set out our Q1 goals.  They were ambitious to say the least, but nothing gets done without setting goals, right?  Chris churned through a whole slew of features in January and February, and we playtested the hell out of them as we went, squashing bugs every day.  But towards the end of February we hit a technical wall on the combat system and have lost some momentum.  

With that in mind, we're pushing back our Q1 goals to the end of April.  We're hoping to have a demo up on this website by then.  It's important to us that we work all the major features into the game before we let you guys give it a go.  Every time new major systems are integrated it takes time to playtest it out to squash bugs and see how it affects the other systems.  And at this point the only major systems we're lacking are Combat, Espionage, Morality, and Scoring.  All of the other systems we've listed are basically integrated and ready to be built up as we move horizontally along the game design.

Classes/Skills - Though we only have levels 1-3 and only about half of the classes, the system is in place and easy to make additions to.

Events/Quests - Weather is in, Dynamic markets are in, quests are a work in progress.

Towns/Roads - We needed to get these in to allow for combat and espionage.  Towns are randomized every game (gotta keep it roguelike!), by their town type (gives the player some knowledge of a towns likely resources), and ownership (Roman, Belgae, Gaulic).  Keep those roads clear if you want to access those markets!

Customizable Villa - Use resources like wood and stone to build up your Villa.  Build new rooms to bring in new characters, a workshop to craft items (yes crafting is already in too!), and storage facilities for your crops and equipment.  I realize we use the word 'villa' generously, as the player technically starts in the equivilant of a thatched roof hut.  We'll likely change what we call the player's homestead, we just haven't settled on that yet.

I like to think of this as vertical game design.  We're building up the features which we can then expand horizontally to create the whole game (IE: turn it from it's current 15 min -1 hour game to what we hope will offer as much as 10-20 hours of play time for a single game, if the player has the skills to make it that far.)  

In other news we finally got our LLC registered with the state of California!  Further encouraging us to get our asses in gear and get our first title into production, as there's an annual $800 franchise tax and our coffers are empty! 

Also, our very own Rogue Club Sauce has offered to help us with the prototype art.  He doesn't boast any professional experience, but he wants to try his hand, and we want to let him!  If and when he gives us some new art to put in, we'll be sure to credit him on those updates and screenshots.

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